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  Talent Strategy

  Build talent channel to invite talented people to join the company

  First introduce various talents required by enterprise from talent market.

  Second is to attend the talents dialogue in colleges, negotiate and communicate with talents to make the two-way choice, so to solve the talent sources needed for development of Yuhang Heavy Machinery.

  Furthmore the talents can be recruited by means of international cooperation in business, Head hunters or Internet.

  Give personnel a free hand, realize appropriate allocation of people and post.

  Adhere to principles of “ Saint always top position; wise people beside way; capable in the middle and mediocre at bottom”, and establish employing mechanism of “ cadres ready to be promoted or demoted; personnel reasonable mobility; institutes can be established or canceled, and salary be high or low”.

  By means of map out the employees career planning combined with performance evaluation, education & training and job rotation exercise etc. to create a good talent growing environment and sound competition and incentive mechanism.

  Training personnel to realize common growth plan of employees with enterprise

  Establish an all-round & multi-level training development system composed of pre -job training, on-job training, off-job training and self-development; and adopt a personnel development method through participation in domestic & international learning combined with training in order to provide platform for professional training, so that to make the common growth of employees with enterprise.

  Create environment to retain talent, maintain enterprise' s core competitiveness

  Implement the policy of “emotion, career, treatment and culture” to retain talents with purpose to give them a sense of achievement and pride, resulting thus in the responsibility and belonging sense of “ I am proud of the enterprise and the enterprise decline I ashamed”.

  Continue to reform the pay system, implement the paid vacation, carry out full insurance and remove the worries of employees in order to retain talent with treatment;

  Continue to strengthen the building of enterprise culture, insist on management concept of “people first” to retain talent with enterprise culture.