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  Henan Zhutuo electrical tech ltd. Company is co-financing built by Luoyang Heavy Machinery Co. Aerospace and Design Institute of Luoyang aerospace electromechanical. This is a company that has domestic highly sophisticated electrical, the research and develop of the hydraulic equipment, design, production and sales. Companies adhering to the "everything from customer", "quality, service, win-win" concept of culture, after the pioneering development, regional sales and service network has covered major domestic and medium-sized cities, and the foreign markets has been in more than 100 countries and regions. We establish cooperative relationship with domestic Xinjiang Dragon Mining Co., Shenhuo Aluminum, Inner Mongolia Datang Renewable Resources, China International EPC Project Department of Fushun, China Liancheng Aluminum Branch, Xinjiang Shenhuo Coal Co., Shanxi hua Ze aLUMINUM, Yunnan aluminum Co., Ltd. aluminum Ze-Xin, Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical equipment Trading Maidao, Chongqing flag can Lvdian Ltd., Guangxi Pingguo aluminum Co., Gansu Dongxing aluminum Co., Ltd., 30 domestic well-known enterprises by our long-term high quality service.