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1, strict quality control measures of the components

The product components to carry out strictly, so that each component into the factory are strict quality inspection, the unqualified or repair, expired components resolutely refused to enter such as warehouse, my company's element distribution rate in 85% above, the quality control in their own hands, to minimize the influence of external factors. Must be purchased components are selected domestic well-known manufacturers of brand-name products, eliminate fake and shoddy goods to enter our company.

2, advanced design means

All products are designed with the CAD computer aided design, make the product quality problems caused by careless design greatly reduced.

3, improve the quality assurance system

Strict implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, all production links are in accordance with the provisions of the strict implementation of product design, product manufacturing and product quality control and product testing the responsibility to the people, the key project, my company is the first in the country took the lead through complete sets of low-voltage electrical equipment national mandatory quality certification (3C certification) of the enterprise, National Quality Certification Center in strict accordance with the relevant quality standard of my company product quality monitoring, for my company to improve product quality and stability, played a good role in promoting.

4, high-quality staff team

All production workers and engineering and technical personnel are factory recruitment from the national key switch industry, with rich experience and excellent technology for high product quality assurance.

5, comprehensive technical support

Maintained a long-term and good cooperation relationship between our company and the national each big electric research institutions, can get the most comprehensive and extensive technical support, so that my company's technological level has a leading position in domestic.

6, strict quality control procedures and strict inspection mechanism

Products through the inspection procedures, product quality responsibility to the people, each product has a station mark, on the factory test items from the team - Workshop - storage, after level three inspection item by item according to the standard test, and then by the group company test center regularly sampling, such as unqualified, the product all over again, and on the liability and administrative departments of strict punishment, so that the quality of in-depth awareness of each employee's mind.