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Electrolyte grinding production line control system for Yingkou Zhongwang Compan

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  For project of Yingkou Zhongwang Aluminum Co., Ltd, Schneider’s soft starter is used for electrolyte grinding mill and fan. It operates bypass through contactor when approaching the rated speed in order to greatly reduce the network choc produced by direct start of motor. Schneider’s Low-voltage components are used as system control components in order to reduce the part failure rate and improve the reliability. Rockwell 1756 PLC series are used as control core components, they have high accuracy, data processing ability as well as good reliability.

  The frame is equipped with C & D networks Communication Module to meet the requirement of local network construction. Powerful FACTORYTALK SE upper monitoring control software can quickly collect PLC data, process them and do process monitoring, control, alarm, report as well as data archiving.